Green Initiative

For Our Events

“Eco Chic” is the new phrase that defines events that remain distinctive but are still eco-friendly. This is what Well Dunn has been doing since 2013. Our menu development and event design has from the beginning been client-specific and seasonal.

  • We source seasonal products locally and organic products on request and whenever possible.
  • We follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch recommendations guide for which fish and shellfish to include on our menus.
  • We recommend and promote the use of organic and locally produced beers, wines and spirits.
  • We serve fair-trade coffees and teas at our events and source free-trade chocolate and other luxury commodities that are not available locally.
  • We recycle all glass and paper products at event sites providing specially marked receptacles at each event and training staff regarding new policies.
  • We use 100% biodegradable products for events that require disposable wares.

There is, unfortunately, so much waste that goes into events and we strive to minimize this as much as possible. Well Dunn has long supported charitable groups who operate soup kitchens and other facilities in the neighborhoods near our facilities with donations of unused food that is leftover from our events and other raw food staples.

In The Offices and Kitchens

Well Dunn operates as efficiently and responsibly as we can and continue to look for new ways to do even better. We participate in D.C.’s mandated recycling program in our offices and kitchens as well as at our events. We have Energy Star certified appliances and fixtures in both the offices and kitchens, utilize energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs, purchase post-consumer waste recycled papers and keep our trucks on fixed maintenance schedules. Our facilities are cleaned with environmentally safe products.

Green Restaurant Certified